Bite The Bullet -
Go Ahead,
Make Your Day!

After featuring in a London
Magazine with her sexually
enticing raw cacao recipe,
Rochelle Vincente Von K
from electronic digi-punk
act Product.01,
caused such a stir that she
has now joined forces with
her gastronomic icon Kate
Wood, UK's best selling
author of Eat Smart Eat
Raw. Together they bring
to life an all new, finely
tuned super-food snack.
The Bullet Ride Power Bar,
which also happens to be
the title of the debut
album from Product.01 -
Bullet Ride!

Never in the history of
mankind has music and
food been brought

together in such a sexy
But it all makes sense
in the world of sex,
chocolate & rock n roll.

Warning : This bar is for everyone over 18!

Rochelle has never been one to compromise on indulgence, add to this
her lifelong obsession with chocolate and voila!

When she was first introduced to raw cacao, she realised right away that this is not just a food, it's an ancient life-enriching substance, and everyone had to know about it.
Imagine the effects of Red Bull, excitement, stamina, euphoria and fun, and combine this with a natural aphrodisiac, no chemicals, side effects or crash. And that's not the half of it! As well as being empowering, energising, stimulating, nourishing and balancing, its versatility is astounding. Try it as a breakfast bar, sports bar, nightclub bar, PMT bar, study bar, hang over bar, beauty bar, weight loss bar, jet lag bar, nutritional supplement bar... there is actually no limit, except your imagination. Pretty amazing for something that is 100% natural yet tastes so sinful and decadent!
And that's not even tapping into the ecological side of cacao trees, environmentally sustaining the rainforests and all that live in them. Plus the demand for cacao, maca and purple corn has a positive effect on the local people in Peru, who are able to build communities due to trade.

We can thank the two pioneers, who brought raw cacao to the west, Shazzie & David Wolfe. They are the authors of infamous bestseller Naked Chocolate. And according to Shazzie, Bullet Ride Bar is the best raw cacao bar she has tasted ever, as for David, he says Bullet Ride is the best album ever. With a nod of approval like this I think we're onto
a winner!

How could life be this good?
If you want to indulge yourself, yet feel powerful, blissed out, luscious and sexy - the Bullet Ride Bar is for you. Rochelle & Kate are here to prove you can have your cake and eat it too!

And to get the alchemy just right they have used a perfect blend of the finest, highest quality ingredients on offer.

Ingredients: raw cacao butter, raw cacao powder, mesquite, hemp seeds, maca, dates, agave nectar, purple corn, rum, Himalayan crystal salt

40 GMs of magic. Certified Vegan

Bullet Ride Power Bar is now available at, &

In Shops Now!

Bullet Ride Power Bar has been a huge hit at Whole Foods, Infinity Foods & other popular food outlets UK wide. Find it at a wholefoodstore near you - or ask them to get some in!

Distributer : Marigold UK
Catalogue Code : Bullet Ride 9593


Debut album Bullet Ride is out now :: Hot Trap Music Video :: Ministry Of Sound TV #1, MTV Dancefloor Chart Top 10, Zane Lowe's (Radio 1) Revolution Pick Of The Week - as seen on MTV Dance, MTV Europe, Flaunt Chart Show, Kick TV, Ministry Of Sound TV & Radio 1, XFM, Kiss Fm, blahhh....

Raw Living:

Kate Wood is the pioneer of raw chocolate bars in the UK, and Raw Living is her pioneering raw food company based in Brighton, UK.
The Raw Living website hosts lots of information & advice on raw foods and superfoods. Raw Magic is in the popular and vibrant lanes shopping area of Brighton, and is the UK's only fully raw shop & cafe.  

To Witness The Girls in Action - Click HERE!

Breakdown of Ingredients:

Raw Cacao: is food of the Gods. Chocolate in its purest form, that of the raw cacao bean, has amazing health-giving properties. It is the number one dietary source of magnesium. It is also exceptionally high in sulphur, the 'beauty mineral'. Added to that, it is rich in antioxidants, it's a natural anti-depressant, and an aphrodisiac! In fact, it contains over 300 identifiable chemical compounds, making it one of the most complex foods known to man.

Mesquite: is a traditional Native American food used as a staple for centuries by desert dwellers, in addition to its great taste, the major benefits of mesquite include high dietary fibre, high protein and a high amino acid lysine content. It's also a great source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc. It has the ability to stabilize your blood sugar levels, the sweetness of mesquite comes from fructose, which the body can process without insulin. In addition, soluble fibres, such as galactomannin gum, in the seeds and pods slow absorption of nutrients, resulting in a flattened blood sugar curve, unlike the peaks that follow consumption of wheat flour, corn meal and other 'common cooked staples'. The gel-forming fibre allows foods to be slowly digested and absorbed over a 4 to 6 hour period, rather than in 1 or 2 hours (which produces a rapid rise in blood sugar), hence it will help you stave off hunger for about 4 to 6 hours!

Hemp Seeds: no other single plant source has the essential amino acids in such an easily digestible form, nor has the essential fatty acids in as perfect a ratio to meet human nutritional needs. Shelled hemp seed is packed with 33 percent pure digestible protein and is rich in iron and vitamin E as well as omega-3 and GLA. Hemp also contains three times the vitamin E contained in flax.

Maca: is a superfood-food-herb with an outstanding ability to increase energy, endurance and strength. Maca is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur and iron, and contains trace minerals, including zinc, iodine, copper, selenium, bismuth, manganese and silica, as well as vitamins B1, B2, C and E. Maca contains nearly 20 amino acids and seven essential amino acids. Maca is also a rich source of sterols, including sitosterol, campestrol, ergosterol, brassicasterol, and ergostadienol. As a root crop, maca contains five times more protein than a potato and four times more fibre.
Three major areas of benefit include being: an adaptogen to support adrenal function, increase energy and stamina and reduce stress; a hormonal regulator to support the endocrine system and balance hormones; a sexual stimulant and fertility aid for both women and men.

Dates: are exceptionally high in fibre, potassium and trace minerals.

Agave Nectar: a honey-like syrup held sacred by the Aztecs, which comes from the same cactus-like plant as the drink tequila. Agave has a relatively low glycemic index, meaning that it is metabolized more slowly into the bloodstream than other sweeteners. This special quality makes it a valuable resource for diabetics, people with hypoglycemia, or anyone who is concerned with maintaining an even blood-sugar level. It is unprocessed, unfiltered and natural, thus retaining valuable nutrients, minerals and enzymes that are absent from many other sweeteners.

Purple Corn: from Peru, is a plant which is greatly revered in Mayan culture; it is said to be the plant of remembrance. It is a very ancient plant, and like eating algae, eating it connects us to our ancient cellular memory. Purple is the colour associated with the third eye, or pineal gland, and we do not get enough purple food in our diet. It is one of nature's richest sources of at least six different anthocyanin antioxidants - even more than blueberries. And has anti inflammatory properties.

Rum: This is a secret but the best hint is it follows Rochelle's Austrian roots! Rum acts as a solvent and helps to draw the minerals in further.

Himalayan Crystal Salt:
consists of the most perfect geometric structure possible in rock crystals, the result of millions of years of compression under the Earth's surface. It has precise mesh with our body's inner workings because Himalayan crystal salt contains an almost identical set of elements to those found inside the human body: that is, 84 of the possible 92 trace minerals, in the same proportion as naturally exists in our blood. Additionally it helps with the absorption of minerals.